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The facilities available at the temple are as follows:
Gopala Krishna Temple, Mangalore

Sudharma Hall

Sudharma”, is suitable for any functions like Marriage, Upanayanas, Religious functions like sathyanarayana pooja, Educational Campus, Seminars, Social functions etc. Having seating capacity of 750 chairs with spacious Dais and two dressing rooms.

Sumanasa Hall

Suitable for any religious functions like Poojas, Spiritual Seminars, Pravachanas, Marriages, Upanayanas, etc. The Sumanasa hall is having seating capacity for 650 persons with spacious Dias. It also contains two dressing rooms.

Gopala Krishna Temple, Mangalore

Annapoorna Hall

Annapoorna”, a spacious Dining Hall.

Gopala Krishna Temple, Mangalore

Mini Hall

A Mini Hall suitable for Buffet dining and mini functions.

Gopala Krishna Temple, Mangalore


The kitchen is designed with modern cooking facilities with gas fired boilers, steam cooking vessels etc. Also connected with exhaust ducts to avoid fumes in the kitchen

Gopala Krishna Temple, Mangalore

Parking Area

The temple premises is facilitated with spacious parking facilities to park approximately 250 vehicle

Gopala Krishna Temple, Mangalore


Modern and hygienic cleanly attendant maintained toilets separately for gents and ladies are located in convenient place for the devotees and visitors

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