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|| Om Shree Guru Ganapathaye Namah || 

|| Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaya ||
|| Shri Gopalakrishnaya Namaha ||
K.C.Naik’s divine dream of erecting a beautiful temple for Lord Gopalakrishna has became a reality on the 30th April 2007. The great vision and tremendous mission of Sri K.C. Naik has been mirrored in the five storied marvelous Temple built within a record time of just 15 months. Shakthinagar, situated at the outskirts of the coastal city of Mangalore had the choicest blessings of having a magnificent Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna built there. This new holy Mandir sprouted on a hilltop at Shaktinagar in an area measuring 1.5 acres of land which is just 5 km away from K.S.R.T.C. Bus terminus, 5 km away from Mangalore Central railway station and 25 km from Bajpe Airport.

K.C.Naik’s ardent desire to build the temple was strengthened with the blessings of Brahmashree Arikkadi Narayana Deva Poojithaya, the spiritual Guru of Sri K.C. Naik. Indeed, the support given by Trustees – Smt. Saguna C. Naik, Sri Sanjith Naik, Dr. A.V. Shetty, Dr. K.V. Devadiga and his near and dear ones enabled Sri K.C. Naik to execute this noble venture.

This unique Devasthanam is built with the perfection of Vaastu & architectural proficiency under the guidance of renowned architect Muniyangala Krishna Prasad. The 108 steps leading from the basement to the Garbha Gruha symbolizes 108 names of Lord Krishna chanted through Sri Krishna Ashtotthara. The sacred idol of Chaturbhuja Mahavishnu the original form of Krishnavatara sitting in the Garbha Gruha, is carved out of black granite by the reputed sculpturer Sri Shyam Sundar Badekkila at Mysore. The temple houses an idol of Lord Ganapathi which is also worshipped in this temple with reverence.

Features such as splendid carvings, grand auditoriums, magnificent gopurams,  polished granite sanctum sanctorum, decorative motifs on walls,  ample car parking, blended with motor able approach roads are bound to attract thousands of pilgrims to this holy centre. At the top of this Temple, we are fortunate to gaze at a panoramic view lined with, the sea view in the west, the charming city of Mangalore with it’s countless coconut trees all around, the modernity mirroring through the view of MRPL in the north, the Airport in the North East and many more of the sort. This Devamandir of Lord Gopalakrishna is indeed the incessant holy spring of immeasurable tranquility and spiritual solace.
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